OTA Upgrade Guides

Magisk does not modify most read-only partitions, which means applying official OTAs is much simpler. Here are the tutorials for several different kind of devices to apply OTAs and preserve Magisk after the installation (if possible). This is just a general guide as procedures for each device may vary.

NOTE: In order to apply OTAs, you HAVE to make sure you haven’t modified and read-only partitions yourself (such as /system or /vendor) in any way. Even remounting the partition to rw will tamper block verification!!


Devices with A/B Partitions

It is possible to have the OTA installed to the inactive slot and have the Magisk app install Magisk onto the updated partitions. The out-of-the-box OTA installation works seamlessly and Magisk can be preserved after the installation.

“Non A/B” Devices

Unfortunately, there are no real good ways to apply OTAs on these devices. The following tutorial will not preserve Magisk; you will have to manually re-root your device after the upgrade, and this will require access to a computer. These are simply “best practices”.