2019.2.4 Magisk v18.1

What is a better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than a new Magisk update!

EMUI 9 Support

Welcome on board “again”, Huawei! Even though Huawei had officially blocked bootloader unlocks, people still love to buy them (duh), and there are paid services that unlock Huawei bootloaders. So hey, get Magisk installed on that bad boy! One caveat is that since Huawei have changed the partitions, special workarounds has to be done. Details and instructions are in the newly created instruction page

Support Down to Android 4.2

Because why not, it was quite a lot of fun LOL. All devices running KitKat and higher will have all features enabled. MagiskHide and resetprop aren’t possible on Jellybean, and Magic Mount (modules) is temporarily disabled; basically it only works as a root solution for now. Android 4.1 isn’t 100% usable yet, so installation is also temporarily blocked. Eventually, all Jellybean devices will have full Magic Mount and MagiskSU support.

Major Magisk Manager Update

Aside from the obvious major UI overhaul, tons of little user experience and performance improvements are also added. The app is finally less crappy now :)

Final Words

I’m aware that there are apps updated to detect Magisk, however no MagiskHide improvements efforts are done in this release; v18.1 is aimed to be as stable as possible. Stay tuned for future public betas, or if you are more adventurous, jump on the Canary Channel bandwagon for more aggressive hiding techniques :)

Full Changelog: here