2020.3.23 Magisk v20.4


This release is mainly focused on stability and bug squashing. Please be aware that MagiskHide is no longer enabled by default. Since Google has enabled hardware-based key attestation in SafetyNet (FAQ), there is no effective way to pass full CTS SafetyNet anymore (although Google seems to have temporarily reverted the change).

I decided that the fully redesigned Magisk Manager isn’t fully ready for prime time yet, so this time around no Magisk Manager update is released. The WIP manager will continue to be improved and is available for testing on the canary channel.

BusyBox Standalone Mode

Starting with Magisk v20.4, all Magisk related scripts, including boot scripts and module installation scripts, will run on BusyBox’s shell (ash) in standalone mode. In BusyBox ash standalone mode, every single command will be forced to use the one that is in Magisk’s BusyBox (if available). For instance, no matter how you change the environment variable PATH, the rm command will always use the one in BusyBox, not the one in system, external BusyBox, vendor, or included in custom recovery.

The reason behind this change is that all scripts will be guaranteed to have 100% consistent results no matter how the environment is setup. The internal BusyBox is significantly beefed up with patches from @osm0sis, and also with SELinux features enabled. It shall offer a very complete, reliable, and consistent scripting environment. If in any case you require to use a command outside of BusyBox, please call it with the full path (e.g. /system/bin/nslookup)

Magisk Changelog