OTA Installation

Magisk does modifications systemless-ly, which means applying official OTAs is much simpler. Here I provide a few tutorials for several different kind of devices to apply OTAs and preserve Magisk after the installation if possible.

This tutorial is only for Magisk v17.0+

NOTE: In order to apply OTAs, you HAVE to make sure you haven’t modified /system (and /vendor if available) in any way. Even remounting the partition to rw will tamper block verification!!


Devices with A/B Partitions

Due to the fact that these devices have two separate partitions, it is possible to have the OTA installed to the inactive slot and have Magisk Manager to install Magisk onto the updated partition. The out-of-the-box OTA installation works seamlessly and Magisk can be preserved after the installation.

Devices with FlashFire Support

(If you are using a device with A/B partitions, I strongly recommend you to use the method stated above since it uses the stock OTA installation mechanism and will always work under any circumstances)

The FlashFire app developed by Chainfire is a great app to apply OTAs and preserve root at the same time. However, there is a very high chance that it does not support your device/system combination, and unfortunately the app is no longer maintained by Chainfire so no additonal compatibility would be added in the future.

“Non A/B” Devices - General Case

Unfortunately, there are no real good ways to apply OTAs on these devices. The following tutorial will not preserve Magisk - you will have to manually re-root your device after the upgrade, and this will require PC access. This is a general “best practice”.

Best Practices for MagiskHide

There are a lot of people confused about why their setup isn’t bypassing detections as expected. Here are some of the best practices to maintain a proper environment for MagiskHide. The guidelines in the following is ordered in progression, you might not need to do everything all the way through, but you should have done previous steps before going on to the next step.

If you’ve followed all practices below and still cannot succeed, consider switching to the beta channel as new MagiskHide upgrades might have not come to the stable channel yet.

Settings → Update Settings → Update Channel

Let’s start with SafetyNet.

At this point, SafetyNet should be fully passed. Let’s change gears to notorious apps that detects all kinds of weird shit.

This is just so pleasing to look at, right?